The Benefits of Solar

Electric rates typically rise every year, going solar prevents that exposure to rate 'creep' and gives you PROTECTION against ever increasing costs.

Electric Rate Increases and Costs of getting power

Electric rates generally rise every year. In California they are some of the HIGHEST RATES  in the US and have tended to GO UP every year with some years being much higher then others.  How much a rise in rates depends on the utility & rate type and if you are talking about residential or commercial service. That rise each year is compounded so your bill just keep going up exponentially.


If you are a business owner, you often also pay ‘DEMAND CHARGES’ which can be a significant portion of your total commercial bill. This is where you not only pay for the actual electricity used but also for how much or quickly you draw at a given period of time, typically measured every 15 minutes. Rates are getting more and more complicated now with time of use (TOU) and other factors. Let us help you to wade through the different rates and options you have going solar. We can also help evaluate accurately how a battery ESS would help on your commercial and residential bill impact. Batteries can potentially help both with TOU and with Demand Charges.

Solar as an investment on your home or business

Going solar helps prevents this exposure to electric costs going up and gives you PROTECTION against ever increasing costs. Once you pay the utility, it is money out the door, instead of paying for solar, where you are making an improvement to your home as an INVESTMENT. Solar added to the home helps keep your monthly costs down and adds to the home or business over-all value.


You can put solar on your home or business and COULD SAVE MONEY for 25 – 40 YEARS on your electric bill and add VALUE to your property, all with no increase in PROPERTY TAXES, due to California state law. Solar is likely the best value improvement you can make to your home or business, let us show you!


Federal Solar Tax Credit extended and Available

The Federal Solar tax credit (ITC) allows you to potentially recoup 30% of your solar investment, if you buy a system and not lease, off your Federal taxes owed or that you have paid to the IRS for the tax year of the installation. 


Solar is going to get more efficient and cost less in the future but if you act now you may take advantage of the tax credit. Also, all the time you wait means paying the utility that much more when you could be paying yourself. Please consult your tax advisor regarding your individual tax situation and income tax credit eligibility. 


Solar loans are available for easy financing. 

GoSolarPros has researched solar loans vs. solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPA) and a solar loan is a much better financial proposition for most homeowners. There are now an abundance of great financing options.


You can even get solar loans that require little or no money upfront or out-of-pocket expense. So, while nothing is free, you can get a fixed loan that has a good interest rate and term that will have a payment that is maybe less than what you are currently paying the utility company for the equivalent power, in most cases. Most solar loans will allow you to reduce the loan principal and payment with applying the tax credit money you potentially get back from the IRS for a refund. There are also loans that allow you to pay back the loan, as an assessment, along with your property taxes called PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) loans. They are tied to the property, not personal loans. Check with your tax consultant again about what will work for you when it comes to tax credit.

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