Solar Options

We will provide you with the best installation and state of the art technology that allows years of trouble free solar and free monitoring.

Solar Installation Options

Solar for your home is the majority of our work. We will provide you with the best installation and state of the art technology that allows years of trouble free solar and free monitoring so you know how well your solar is taking care of business. Contact us to find out what we can save for you. We have loan packages and other funding options to help you realize the goal of saving money and saving energy.


Solar Pricing Varies

Solar PV systems vary in pricing based on system size, type of roof or on the ground, electrical upgrades needed and many other factors. The key is cost of equipment and cost of labor. We have little control over the cost of solar equipment except to buy from the best sources at the lowest possible prices. Labor cost is controlled due to our business model and this means we can give you one of the lowest cost installations in your area.


Price Match Guarantee:

We are confident enough of our services being competitive but occasionally we may come in higher than a competitor and in those instances we offer a price guarantee, if you have a valid written proposal you can show us, we will match it for a comparable system size, quality of components and type of installation.


Types of Residential Installations



Solar Modules

The solar Modules, also referred to as solar panels, together are the ‘power-plant’ for the system and the most important and the most visible part of your system. Most modules have 12 year ‘product quality’ warranty and  a 25 year warranty on power production. Some modules have a 25/25 year total warranty. We select modules based on performance, cost and value.

There are many solar panel manufacturers but we chose panels that are proven and termed ‘Tier One’ level of financial integrity so you know you are getting a panel made by a top quality company. We keep constant tabs on what is current and offering the best price and availability.  Our philosophy on what we offer as a module for your particular situation depends on a number of factors but overall, we want to find what gives the best power, quality and cost or as we term it VALUE for your purchase. We can also provide panels from international companies or North American made panel manufacturers, depending on your concern and budget.



While the panels are the power plant, the inverter and monitoring are the control system. All solar panels produce DC (direct current) power which needs to be changed into power you can use in your home or business, AC (alternating current). This requires an electrical device called an inverter.

The inverter can be up under the panels (termed ‘micro-inverters’) or it can be down by the meter and electrical panel (termed ‘string inverter’). Both have good and not-so-good aspects to each. We often will select a company that is a hybrid of the two technologies which uses a special string inverter by the electrical panel or close by, say in a garage, and a device called an ‘optimizer’ on the back of each solar module. This gives design flexibility and each panel the ability to be monitored and it operates independent of the other panels so shade is not as much of an impact.

There are new inverters that do not rely on optimizers that use sophisticated software algorithms to best control shade impact and they are great for keeping costs down. They do also have excellent system monitoring.





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