Getting Started

The solar process starts with an initial consultation.


What does the solar process look like?


STEP 1: Free Project Review and Design
We do initial phone consultation & get your energy usage


STEP 2: Review of Proposal,  Design and financing
We develop an initial system proposal to tailor to your needs.


STEP 3: Sign Your Customize Solution Agreement
We send you an agreement via DocuSign or get your signature in person


STEP 4: Set Date for Site Survey
A fully detailed plan is prepared and approved by you before getting a permit from your area building department


STEP 5: Install System
Once a permit is issued we will start installation at a date determined


STEP 6: Turn on Your System
Once install is complete and permit is approved, our installation team will show you the operation of the system.

Interested in learning more?

Speak to a Go Solar Pro energy consultant to find out how solar can help you save on your monthly energy bill, all while making the planet a better place with clean, renewable energy.

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