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Our intention is to provide high value, competitively priced solar and lighting installations that give our customers their own power plants for the future.


Our Mission

Our intention is to provide high value, competitively priced solar and lighting installations that give our customers their own power plants for the future.


Thus enabling them to save money, go green and give them control of their energy needs for themselves, their community and the country. The business objective is to show and provide services that are excellent investments for our customers. These same investments will provide our business, employees and energy consultants with a rewarding and fruitful practice.


We want to create a working environment where safety is priority, customer satisfaction is paramount and each employee and energy consultant is respected.


 Our Team

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Conrad Driscoll has over 8 years in the solar industry. He has worked with other companies and found that they lacked the customer care and person-to-person quality that he finds the reward for helping people go solar. It is a pleasure to assist homeowners get solar and achieve a level of energy independence and protection against rising rates.


He has taken the time to research the best products and value for customers. Along with the other team members, Conrad has built a solar business offering customers the best solar value and service for Northern California. Conrad worked in solar back in the 1980s when solar was in its infancy building solar additions/sunrooms and installing Solar Hot Water and Air systems. He took a long leave from solar to become a Licensed Landscape Architect practicing in that profession over 16 years. That work experience gives him an eye to how the solar will look best on a home or property and gives him a drafting and building understanding for how to build things.


President and Co-Founder

Thomas Will, the President and co-founder of GoSolarPros has been in the solar industry since 2007. GoSolarPros was formed in the fall of 2014 after bringing together a dynamic group of energy professionals who are committed to deliver the very best in products and service to their customers.

The combination of his breadth of knowledge, zealous personality and love of people has made Thomas a community leader in the solar industry and is dedicated to giving power to the people, one system at a time.

Thomas’s primary focus at GoSolarPros is to educate and inform individuals and businesses to select the energy solution that is best for them. He is dedicated to help customers get control of their energy costs by choosing from the many options currently available, with solar being one of them. Thomas holds both an Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree from Modesto Junior College and a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University, Stanislaus.

His passion for learning makes him an avid reader and engaging teacher. Thomas’s enthusiasm for life is obvious when you meet him. Chances are when you see him around town he is sharing a smile and collecting smiles from everyone he encounters.

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